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Tips on finding and securing your next great job

Our advice guides are regularly updated, and full of practical guidance on every aspect of your job search, as well as tips you can use at work.

Things to avoid on your CV

In many cases, it’s not what’s missing on a CV that ruins your chances, it’s the mistakes.
This guide points out some of the most typical errors to avoid, and why they have no place on a good CV.  Click here to download our pdf.

Using social media in your job search

Social media is becoming an increasingly important tool for your job search – but it’s how you use it that matters.
This guide gives you straightforward advice on what to do, and what not to do, when using social networks as a jobseeker.  Click here to download our pdf.

Time management

No matter how good you are at what you do, your skills will be wasted if you can’t organise your time efficiently.
This guide provides straightforward advice on how to manage your time more diligently, and why it matters.  Click here to download our pdf.

Dressing for work on a budget

Looking your best for your interview or new job is a key part of that all-important first impression, but it’s often hard to find the money to fund it.
This guide looks at ways of looking and feeling great on a budget.  Click here to download our pdf.

Bouncing back from redundancy

Much is made of the financial strain of redundancy, but even more importantly it’s an emotionally straining experience.
This guide tackles the challenge of redundancy head-on, and provides meaningful and practical advice on how to recover, and in time, how to bounce back. Click here to download our pdf.

"Hi Maxine, I'd like to thank you for all your help these past 6 months. You've educated me on full time work, and I will learn from this for future work. If there was a survey about the service you have provided that I could do, you would get top marks! You were brilliant. Thanks again for your help.


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We’re a multi-sector recruitment agency with offices in Dublin and Limerick.

For candidates, we offer temporary, contract and permanent positions at every level of a wide range of sectors.

For clients, as part of the Impellam Group – the UK’s second largest staffing company – we can handle complicated requests of any size. And our managed service division IRC Workforce saves you money if you require high numbers of temporary employees.

Whoever you are, you’ll get friendly, personal service – that’s the reason our returning customers give for staying with us.
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Posted on 11 December 2014
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